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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Paralyzed Dog

Dog owners face several challenges when raising a pet dog. It is not easy to raise a paralyzed dog in your house. It is not that paralyzed dogs cannot enjoy their lives. You can make use of specific tools or aids that would help in the mobility of your paralyzed pet dogs. Dog owners can look for wheelchairs or carts which help their paralyzed dogs to move around. Check Dogordog.com/handicapped-dog-accessories where you can choose a suitable mobility aid for your pet dog. There are review articles available on the Internet about the dog accessories for paralyzed dogs.
It is indeed a challenging task for the dog owners to take care of their paralyzed dogs. The article below throws light on the ways that you can take care of your paralyzed dogs. The concern that you show on them would make them feel good and healthy.

Paralyzed dogs mainly suffer from incontinence problem, and they cannot make use of the potty as and when required. You can make them wear dog diapers, and this would help to keep them and your house clean. Make sure that you bathe your dog thrice a week so that you can avoid various types of infections. Use a dry pet shampoo which would ensure that your dog is tidy even when you do not give a bath to it. Make use of baby wet wipes to wipe the fur and the skin of the pet dog regularly. Keep the bedding of your pet dog clean and tidy. Wash the bedding regularly so that you can prevent the spread of infections.

Bladder Care
Paralyzed dogs may demand help for peeing. Thus it is essential that you assist them in urinating. When the bladder of your dog is full, it can lead to kidney related problems. You have to express the bladder of your pet dog as per the advice of your vet. Vet doctors recommend expressing the bladder of your paralyzed dog for nearly thrice a day.

Skin Care
Your dogs face mobility issues, and this can cause various skin problems. There are chances of skin damage as paralyzed dogs remain still without any movement. They also develop sores in their body, and it should be treated immediately. You can purchase an orthopedic bed when your dog suffers from bed sores. It is essential that you clean the bedding of your paralyzed dog regularly. It is good to have an extra bed so that you can use it when the other is washed.

Use Right Accessories
Dog owners should choose the right mobility aids or accessories for their pet dog. Wheelchairs and dog carts are perfect aids in offering mobility to your paralyzed dogs, and it would let them move around to various places. This would improve its physical and psychological health. A harness is also mobility which can also be used for making your paralyzed dog move. Make sure that you consult your vet before making use of all the mobility aids or accessories for your paralyzed dogs.

The above are some of the care that you can take for your paralyzed pet dogs. It would be a rewarding experience for the dog owners when they take proper care of their paralyzed dogs.