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Different Types Of Locks And Door Knobs Available In The Market.

Locks and doors are essential for the safety of the people. People make use of the best quality locks for the doors in their house or office. This would ensure the safety of their family members and their belongings. There are various types of locks and door knobs available in the market. You can choose one based on your need and the type of the door installed in your house. Action Lock are Locksmiths in Perth offering various kinds of locks for meeting out your safety needs. The link www.smore.com/y4jm2-types-of-residential-locks lists the types of residential locks available in the market.
Different types of locks serve a specific purpose. You should be aware of the features of the various locks available in the market. The article below introduces the various types of locks available in the stores.

This is one of the common types of locks used for residential and commercial purposes. It is not attached to anything, and hence it is portable and easy to carry. It can be identified easily. The combination and keyed padlocks are the common types of the lock mostly used. Combination padlocks make use of a number combination as a password to open the lock. The door opens only when you enter the right number combination. Keyed padlocks make use of a separate key for unlocking the lock.

This type of lock is used for external doors. Single deadbolt locks are mostly used in America. The lock of the door can be easily opened and closed using the key cylinder present outside and thumb turn which is present inside. This type of lock can be easily opened using the thumb turn. Double cylinder deadbolt can be used to avoid this problem. This makes use of key cylinder inside and outside of the lock. Another type of deadbolt lock is a lockable thumb turn. It is a hybrid type which is a combination of single deadbolt and double cylinder deadbolt. Here the thumb turn can be locked using a key.

Knob Locks
This lock is used as an additional safety solution for the exterior doors. It can be used along with deadbolts locks. It should not be used as primary safety solution for exterior doors. This is because the lock cylinder is not installed along the door. So it is easy for the intruders to break open the knob easily with a hammer. Passage knobs are a perfect alternative for knob locks.

Lever Handle Locks
This type of lock is mostly used for inner doors in a commercial setup. It makes use of push down style handle which makes it easy to open the door with the handle lock. Check the size backset before you purchase a lever handle lock.

Rim/Mortise Locks
It can be found in entry glass doors or apartment doors. Rim locks are similar to mortise locks. The working mechanism of both the locks differ. Rim lock runs through the other side of the door. The mortise lock is mounted within the door.

The above are the different types of locks and door knobs available in the market. You can choose one based on your security requirement. The use of lock also varies for residential and commercial purposes.