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5 Mistakes People Make With Hazardous Wastes

Day to day life and activities of human beings produce a lot of wastes as byproducts. Depending on the type of the activity from which they are generated, the nature of wastes also varies. Have a look at Cleartech Waste Management to know more about different types of wastes! The disposal and management techniques also vary with the type of waste.

Hazardous wastes are the ones which need utmost care and have to be managed infallibly. Check out www.epa.gov/hw/learn-basics-hazardous-waste to read about how hazardous wastes get generated. Failing to manage hazardous wastes properly would impact the environment seriously and make life on this planet tough in the course of time. This article deals with the common mistakes people make while dealing with hazardous wastes and how to solve them effectively.

Failing to identify a hazardous waste
Many of the rule violations related to hazardous waste management occur because of the failure to understand the hazardous nature of certain waste materials. So, you have to be very careful regarding the wastes that you are generating. If you are not sure about any waste, then it is better to be cautious.

Keeping the containers open
As per the law, the containers in which hazardous wastes are kept should be tightly closed so that they do not spill out even when the containers are upside down. So, it must be made sure that hazardous wastes are placed only in closed containers, and they are opened only to add or remove waste.

Lack of timely inspections
According to the environmental protection rules, areas, where hazardous wastes are generated, should be inspected regularly, at least once in a week. The inspection records should also be rightly maintained. But some people fail in following the inspection rightly and hence violate the rule.

Inappropriate storage in workspaces
Spaces, where hazardous wastes are stored, should also be in accordance with certain rules. The containers should not be stuffed beyond the capacity of the room so that there is no space between them. They should be kept at proper distances so that there is enough space to move easily between them which is very critical during an emergency. Failing to provide proper spacing between the containers is a serious violation.

Improper emergency plans
Lack of having a proper emergency plan is another common violation related to hazardous waste management. Every hazardous waste generator should have an emergency plan ready so as to protect people and the ecosystem. The plan should include the actions and measures to be followed in case of an emergency and also the contact numbers which would help during such a situation.

The best way to ensure that you stick to the rules related to hazardous and do not violate any of them is to take the help of a professional waste management company. There are many professional waste management companies who do hazardous waste disposal and management very efficiently. All you need to do is to choose the right company and assign them the responsibility. By doing so you are doing yourselves and the whole environment a great favor!