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Free Movie Apps For iOS And Android

Now a day, just like the way oxygen is important for human life, it will not be incorrect to say that mobile is also important for entertainment. Whatever you want, let it be movies or music or even comics everything is available with just one touch on your mobile. It is not a huge issue to watch movies.

If you have an Android or iOS mobile, you can watch movies whenever and wherever you want. The truth is that one cannot live without a mobile. To add on to this truth, technology has developed many free movie apps for everybody’s convenience. As per infogeekers.com, most of the people who have downloaded movies downloaded with the help of different free movie apps.

When listing about the best app for android, the first name that comes first is CinemaBox. No, it is not a new one. CinemaBox is the new name of PlayBox HD. This app has got some mind blowing features such as subtitle support, Offline mode, and Chrome Cast Support. You cannot get this app from play store, and because of this, you might have to install it manually.

MegaBox HD is also considered as one of the best movie apps. The only drawback is this app is available for users who have Android phones. This app allows users to stream and download movies and watch it offline. If you do not get a SmartBox, then you should give MegaBox a try.

iOS users should not worry about MegaBox as there are other free movie apps for them as well. Bobby Movie Box is a perfect choice for iOS users. You can get the HD quality on Bobby Movie Box. Downloading of this app is also not difficult. You can get it from App Store or also can download it from the official website.

There is another app which allows watching movies without you subscribing to it, called Newest Movie HD. This app has the basic features and allows users to download movies of different qualities. In Flipps HD, you can listen to music and watch viral videos on your Android phone and your TV. For watching movies without interruption, this app is rated the best.

ShowBox is undoubtedly the best app for Android. Since it is a user-friendly app, you can watch TV serials, movies, music, cartoons, etc. The features of this app have made a lot of users download it and make use of it. If you have an app like ShowBox, you can download as many movies and listen to a lot of songs, and of course, without any interruption. ViewSter App allows its users to download movies and since the app’s navigation is simple and easy to understand this app is considered among the best app for androids. The only error that can happen is this app might get stopped in between the downloading and gets restarted by itself.

There are a lot of other apps like Crackle, Hulu, Hubi etc. that allows downloading of movies. If you are seriously a movie buff, you should have a list of these apps which can come handy to you in the future.