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The Simple Ways To Cook Popcorn With Oil At Home

After reading up on the healthiest options to cook popcorn at http://popcornpopperhub.com/tips/whats-the-best-oil-for-popcorn/ and the best recipes to make popcorn balls at www.familytime.com/, you move on to the actual cooking part. But, you are stumped. What is the easiest way to make this nutritious yet appetizing snack? To answer this question, we discuss here the few ways to make popcorns quickly and easily. The first thing to do is to pick the right kernel and decide the taste preference. Instead of picking up ready-to-make popcorns that many brands sell, look for fresh kernels that can be cooked in a popcorn popper, microwave or stove. They make for fluffier, tastier and healthier version.

The simplest way to make popcorns without much handwork is to use a microwave. Use a large bowl that is safe for microwave cooking and add about half a cup of kernels to it. This will give a good medium sized serving. Add one tablespoon of oil to the bowl. Some cooking oils can be used ranging from Peanut to Olive to Coconut. After drizzling the oil over the kernels cover the bowl with a plate with a small gap left open. The gap will allow for air circulation. Cook the kernels for 3-5 minutes. The cooking time can be increased until all the kernels have popped. Serve the popcorns with the flavor of choice.

For those who are not a big fan of microwave cooking, the hob or the stove is an easy way to cook popcorns. The basic method is very similar to microwave cooking. Take a large saucepan. The size is to allow the kernel’s space to expand and pop. Coat the bottom and the sides of the pan with oil. Again the choice of oil can be as preferred. Both canola oil and olive oil are good options. Add the kernels to the pan turn the heat to a medium level and cover it with a lid. Use a transparent lid so that it is easier to see if the all the kernels have popped or not. Within a short span of time, one will be able to hear the iconic ‘pop’ sound coming from within the saucepan. After the popping sound has completely subsided, take off the lid. It is important not to remove the lid while the kernels are popping because at that point the corns are being cooked and can cause splashes. Toss the cooked popcorns in a bowl, garnish them with flavoring as needed and serve!

Popcorn poppers
Another simple and easy way to cook popcorns is to use an air popper or an oil popper machine. These are automated and do not require much supervision. They are easily available in the market with a number of models catering to different taste preferences and usage.
There is no singular way to make the best popcorns. The best technique is the one that suits the chef the most. For people who prefer a very clean and organized method, the microwave is the best possible cooking technique. For those who like more control over the corns, the stove is the way to go.