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Turner Motorsports Improves The Performance Of BMW E46 M3 Project Car

The BMW E46 M3 project car has in store of a rich history of the BMW M3 series. It is a third generation car of the e46 M3 series. The car made its first debut in the year October 2000. The previous version E36 M3 was redesigned to equip the less powered engine. It is possible to experience the real M3 experience by using the M3 project car. The Turner Motorsport uses the stunning BMW series racing cars. The BMW E46 M3 car was delivered to the Tuner Motorsport in the year 2001. There was an article published on the site www.roadandtrack.com which talks about the features of the BMW E46 project car. The Turner Motorsport is the top E46 M3 tuners in the world.
The article below discusses the BMW E46 M3 project car and its use by the Turner Motorsports. It also details about the enhancements and parts included in the project car so that it offers the best performance.

Victories With BMW E46 M3
The Design of the BMW E46 M3 car is old, but it is the most popular BMW M3 series car till now. The chassis of the E46 series has been competitive in the tracks. The car has won at various race tracks around the world. The Motorsport has built the best tracks for the E46 MW car. Motorsport is a proud winner of the Grand sports championship with the E46 M3 car. They have won about five championships with the BME E46 project car.

Parts Inventories
The Turner Motorsport does not compromise in the performance of their cars on the track. So they try to equip the car with the required inventories and other parts to enhance the performance of the E46 M3 project car. The turner motorsport upgrades the engine, drive train, brakes, wheels and lot more so that they remain competitive on the track. The Turner offers the best maintenance to the BMW E46 M3 car to improve its performance. The turner motorsports outperform by enhancing the factory part of the E46 M3 project car model.

Services Offered
The Motorsport offers unmatched service by providing the top accessories and other service products to the E46 M3 series. They have a wealth of experience of about 20 years in handling the BMW series of cars. This has made the BMW E46 M3 car perform better on the racing tracks.

Upgrades For BMW E46 M3
The following are the upgrades provided by the Turner Motorsport to enhance its performance.
· Rear adjustable camber arms- Turner Motorsport provides adjustable camber arms that are more efficient than the factory provided camber arms. These camber arms designed by motorsport are lightweight and possess good strength.

· Front/Rear Sway Bar- The sway bars provided by the Turner Motorsport helps in the overall balance of the car on the track. It also lessens the steering effect of the wheel setup.

· H&R Sports Springs-This helps to improve the look of the car and offers a compliant ride with the BMW E46 M3.

The above are the various features added up by the Turner Motorsport to enhance the performance of the BMW E46 M3 project cars.