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The Importance Of Automotive Floor Jack

Most of us are familiar with an automotive floor jack, but only a few have a sound knowledge of this most important tool. This short article is written to educate the readers, as well as other concerned individuals so, has to discover this tool’s importance and functionality of the floor jack. People can also browse the website rollingstone.com which offers details of various jacks used in different industries. However, an attempt is made here to share some information about this important engineering tool which has been in use for many decades.

To answer to a common man question ‘What is a floor jack?’ let us make a clear answer before we go deeper in knowing about this great tool. A floor jack, also named in various terms such as car jack, garage jack auto jack and so on, is a mechanical tool designed to offer the user the required mechanical advantage while lifting the heavy loads. In the case of automotive or car or garage jack, this tool in primarily intended to raise the car or other heavy vehicles from the ground level to the required level as decided by the user. In a simple man’s language, these jacks are primarily used while replacing the tires or repairing the car from the bottom side. These floor jacks employ various mechanisms to affect the lifting force and accordingly named as per their operative mechanisms.

A floor jack can mean various things depending on where people use it. Mostly these floor jacks are widely used in most car repair shops or garages to elevate the cars and make repairs conveniently under the car, or a tire is called an automotive floor jack. However, another jack is employed to lift bigger ‘things’ like buildings or houses that need its beams to be replaced because they are sagging. There is yet another type of jack is used for phone connections, and it got its name because it is typically installed on the floor and wall intersection. Here one should observe how all equipment are called floor jacks but have entirely different meanings and functionality.

This short write up would only discuss on the automotive floor jack due to the limited space and a better understanding for the common readers. This type of jack uses different parts such as a pump, hydraulic compression to life the car to access the undercarriage in an easy manner. In general, this handy tool is commonly found in the car hoods as well as the automobile repair shops. Undoubtedly, this tool helps the repairers to change tires or to diagnose any fault in the undercarriage area. Moreover, this tool can be operated easily even by a car owner while changing the tires in the middle of the journey, where one cannot access to any repair garage, especially on the highways.

Readers should not confuse this tool with the hydraulic lifts used in the large auto-repair garages. Interestingly, the car manufacturers offer this tool as a free complement to the buyers while buying the new cars.