Get Fresh With Makeup Removers!

Get Fresh With Makeup Removers!

It’s not easy being glamorous these days! Being the sizzle in the party is actually tough work, requiring lots of preparation. From putting on the hot new dress, to applying makeup, women will do just about anything to look stunning. However, the party does have to stop sometime. Once home, the stunning dress is traded in for a sweatshirt and pants, and then comes the tedious task of removing all those layers of makeup. The latest makeup remover review have thrown light on some of the most innovative and effective products in the market, enabling women to strip the makeup off without stripping away the skin!

According to a recent article in the top women’s beauty website, many women actually neglect to remove their makeup before going to bed. Ladies, this is one of the most damaging things you can do to your sensitive skin! Leaving all those chemicals on your skin will damage the delicate pH balance of the skin, leaving your face prone to skin diseases like pimples and rashes. You end up losing your natural beauty. This will lead to women putting on makeup to hide the spots and marks, rather than accentuate their beauty!

Why Can’t We Just Use All-in-one Cleansers?
Good question. Till a few years ago, in fact even now, many people use these cleansers to remove make up, and get rid of dirt, both at the same time. Makeup removers will only remove makeup, and cleansers will have to be used to get the pores in the face free from dirt. Then, why do we still recommend makeup removers?

The answer is quite simple, actually. Makeup removers are specialist products, designed exclusively to remove tough makeup, like waterproof mascara and lipstick. There is only so much that an ordinary all-in-one cleanser can do! Makeup removal products ensure that the face is free from the chemicals that form the key ingredients of most makeup items. Failure to do so could result in leaving the skin and eyes vulnerable to painful, and at times disfiguring, infections and allergic reactions.

What’s The Hype With Micellar Waters?
The word micellar comes from the scientific term micelles- a bunch of lipid molecules that attract oil and water. Solutions containing micelles are quite popular as they are being marketed as water-based makeup removers. The molecules in these solutions tend to attract dirt, making it ideal as a key ingredient of makeup removers. Products containing micellar water are pretty much easy to use. Just take a few drops on those a cotton pad, and dab it over your skin. Then, simply wipe the makeup off!

Note: Products containing micellar waters is quite gentle, making it ideal for all skin types, be it dry or greasy. However, this means it won’t be able to completely get rid of waterproof makeup products.

Which Are The Most Popular Makeup Removal Products Today?
Almost all major beauty brands have a line of makeup removers. Listed below are three of the ones that have become quite popular in recent years.

Skin Perfection 3-in-1 from L’Oreal
Neutrogena Deep Cleansing Wipes
Instant Cleansing Water from Dior

Remember: Be sure to use a makeup remover from a reputed brand!

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