Month: December 2016

Detailed Guide For Common Diseases Affecting Dogs

The immune system is the most vital system in any living being. It acts as the defense mechanism against microorganisms that may damage the integrity of the body functions. When this security system works against the body and its organs, there will be adverse effects. This is how it happens. The immune system considers the constituents of the body like the cells, tissues, and muscles as a foreign substance and reacts to it considering it as foreign substances. The adverse result of this is the destruction of the target cells or tissue or muscles by the immune system. Websites like give an idea of the effects of these diseases.

As discussed in, pet lovers should look for the dietary supplements, products, and other natural tips to preserve the affected animal at home. The systemic autoimmune disease is a medical condition in which more than one autoimmune disease onsets on the dog. The common symptoms among the entire category are a molten state, laziness, and circulation system. When the adrenal of the dog is affected signs like kidney failure, lack of interest in food, frequent urination, intake of the large quantity of water, etc. When the circulation system is affected it causes conditions like Anemia, decreased cells like white blood cells, platelets, thrombocytes, swelling of the nerve nodes, spleen swelling and laziness.

When multiple organs are affected by autoimmune condition, symptoms like joint pains, renal failure, skin problems, nerve related problems and loss of weight. When the receptors in muscles are affected it causes weakness in muscle, painful swallowing, etc. When the immunoglobulin is affected it causes lameness, dislocation of joints, sounds in joints, swelling in joints and disinterest in food intake. When the thyroid gland is affected, nausea, hair loss, increases in weight, intolerance to cold, decreased heart rate and weakness in muscle.

The autoimmune disease frequently affects breeds like German Shepherds, sheep dogs, and poodles. So breeding should be restricted in the affected breeds