Month: August 2016

Using Firearm For Personal or Home Defense

Selecting a firearm can be a daunting task, be it for personal use or defense purpose. Getting a licensed weapon on your name is a crucial decision. There are many important things you need to learn before getting a licensed weapon. There are two types of guns basically, handguns and long guns. Handguns have the advantage of being portable in comparison to a long gun. Handguns are more like a single hand use. On the other hand, a long gun has great stopping power that is not there in a hand gun. In long guns also the variety starts from shotguns to rifles and finally to submachine guns.

First, find out what type of guns interest you the most. Besides interest and likeness, you need to think what will be of any purpose for you. Web site can be your guide in the first place if you are looking for a gun buying guide. Everything carefully explained in a way that would interest buyers. Handguns are small in size, weight and design. It is the most common choice for personal defense. There are no discomforts caused by it. One can hide it easily. The cartridge in a handgun is weaker and allows shooting back to back with great ease.

When buying a gun reliability must be your first criteria. You must be smart about buying a caliber. Caliber selection for pistols is a very interesting and debatable topic among the expert gun users. Smaller caliber means higher bullet velocity. Large caliber results in heavier bullets and high muzzle energies increasing recoil effect. These are slower in shoot ups. For home defense, you can use a .22 caliber. They are cheap and reliable to use. You can fire a great number of it in less time which is not possible in a bigger caliber.

The cost of ammunition must be kept in mind. If the cost exceeds too much of your budget, it will become a problem later on to manage your firearm. For home use, you can go for a larger frame handgun. People, who usually carry the gun with them, need to have smaller frame handguns so that they can keep it somewhere safe and away from exposure. A midsized frame would offer greater versatility. However, you will have to compromise on weight and size. Pistols are newer handgun technology that is used by forces all over the globe.

They are extremely reliable, easy to use and carry. A pistol has a magazine that stores its ammunition. When pistols were launched in the beginning, it had reliability issues. In the last 50 years, it has undergone tremendous changes in every aspect which have made it the most demanded firearm. Army uses it all over the world with full reliability. Pistols take more discipline than a revolver. Hence, using a firearm is not a child’s play remember always. You need to be very careful while operating a firearm. There could be unwanted accidents if you do not learn to use it properly.